Friday, 24 January 2020

Vasudevan Type Writing Institute Details - chennai 30

Institute Name: Vasudevan Institute of Commerce

Address: Kandhan Street, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai -30

No of  Batches Available: 8

Batches Timing:  
                                   Morning                             Evening

                          1.   6.00 a.m to 6.45 a.m           1.    4.15 p.m to 5.00 p.m
                          2.   6.45 a.m to 7.30 a.m           2.    5.00 p.m to 5.45 p.m
                          3.   7.30 a.m to 8.15 a.m           3.    5.45 p.m to 6.30 p.m
                                                                            4.    6.30 p.m to 7.15 p.m
                                                                            5.    7.15 p.m to 8.00 p.m

Landmark: Pachaiyappa's College  Back Side

Staff's: 2+ years experience  staffs taken the classes

Machines Available: 16

Fees Details: for Junior Admission fees + first month fees = 400
                       then Per  month 350

Course Duration: for Junior 6 month (Maximum)
                              for Senior 6 month (Maximum)

Exam Details: per year 2 exams, and exams conducted on February and August

Result: Certification Results based on the performance done on exams

Coaching Available for:  1. English Typewriting Junior
                                          2. English Typewriting Senior
                                          3. Tamil Typewriting Junior
                                          4. Tamil Typewriting Senior
                                          5. Shorthand Training

Contact Details: 
                          Name     : Sivasankar

                          Mob No  : 9962566005

Monday, 27 February 2017

Exam Over - Government Typewriting Exam

Exam held at 25.02. 2017 Completed

     Ohhhh... finally we met the face to face contact with the typewriting Government Exam.  What a great experience for every student who faced the exam..  Let we start with the day in brief explain.. The big word EXAM has finally in our view-able distance, exam has held at SIGA Polytechnic college in Kilpauk, One of the main educational branch from Don Bosco.

     To found out the institute is much better easy for every one, so there has no difficult for finding exam center.  There has been  5 batches per day including Junior Typewriting English, Junior Typewriting Tamil, Senior Typewriting English and Senior Typewriting Tamil.  First batch has started at morning 8 o clock exactly and finished around 9.30 itself.  Second batch has started at 10 to 11.30. 
Third batch has started at 12 o clock to 1.00. Fourth batch started at 1.30 to 2.30 and Fifth batch from 3 o clock to 4.30. accordingly.

                                SIGA POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE(EXAM HALL VIEW)

     Every batch has treated equally. The authorities has followed some guidelines to how to treat every student.  Students has arrived from different institutes around Chennai.  Per batch around 50 students are allowed to do exam.  Test has scheduled in the order of entering the students into exam hall to step out from the exam hall after finishing exam.  After entering into exam hall definitely it is a big hall for managing large amount of students. Every typewriting institute in-charges are managing their students for finding their spaces and their allotted  machines. After get in on machine first 10 minutes for making practices, and the paper for doing practice is given by Typewriting institute in-charges, then let the time has began to invite our exam, after 10 mins practice got over then let the practice paper took out from the machine and our institute in chargers are step out from the exam hall, finally the coordinators are staring to giving instructions over mic.


     Hearts are beating in abnormal way, sweating has started, got the Exam sheets in hand, let started to  filling our personal details, side by side instructions for how to filling exam sheet is given by the coordinators over the mic. After completed front page then the sheet has entered into machine for everyone to get ready for 1st paper test. Got question paper in hand, coordinators has given whistle sound then every machine has started their work by typing words in answer sheet.  Every one has maintaining their concentration work on their typing only, only had their focusing between typing machine and answer paper.  1st paper test has taken exactly 10 minutes, after completion of allotted time again whistle sound is coming from coordinators then the exam sheets are get out from the machines and submitted it into coordinators.

     Then after few minutes another answer sheet has provided by coordinators for get facing the 2nd paper exam, then around 45 minutes allotted for second paper, question paper has given, answer paper has given. let the time has begin, first 10 minutes needed for second paper calculation, then around more than 30 minutes needed for typing answers into answer sheet. Instructions are continuously given by coordinators, final whistle has given, answer sheets are collected by coordinators. Finally everyone has step out from the exam hall, then every students reactions are very excited after they completed exam, because they got completed exam.  Wow what a great experience for everyone who attended exam.

     Not yet the work has finished its just the beginning,,, let we need to see lot more in our life..let we have to step into our next phase of life... 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Final week practice and test

Now we are in the final stage of facing our exams, practice and tests are going in the top manner. Everyone should do 2 hours test per day.  Test sheets are in same format as given in the final exam are now provided by the institute teachers.  Only countable days are left to face final exam. Everybody now looking for hall ticket number, that too will be arrive soon.  Exam date, student batches, exam time everything will be posted in the notice board as soon as possible, said institute authority.

Last week model test has happened,  even the corrections also are capable by the others not by the vasudevan institute.  We have done our first and second paper well, thats only we know after the completion of exam we submit paper to staff. We don't know about the model exam marks.  Paper filling pattern for the final exam has been teach by the teachers,  now we know how to fill details on the exam front paper.  Thanks and best regards.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

karnan institute details

     Karnan institute is located in near choolaimedu, it is one the best institute in chennai for typewriting, more than 50 students are getting trained by us per each exam.  Institute is running around more than 10 years, good staff facilities are provided by the management. Training are based on fully advanced and strictly process.  Institute is maintaining good reputation till date.

Friday, 10 February 2017

vasudevan institute of commerce - 1st week practical test

Practical Test Experience - from February 6 to February 10

     Practical test has been started from February 6 2017 which is going on till now, the students have gaining a good experience in this by doing continuous practice in day by day at morning and evening, for each student there should be a test class two times per day.  By doing this they are practiced for getting good scores in the final exam, getting more confidence, getting more knowledge on typing, decreasing their hesitate for being asking doubts, decreasing their nervous while they are facing exams, and etc., Perfect punctuality are maintained by both the staff's and students's in the institute.  Students are maintaining more calmness in case the time has extended apart from their batch timing because their only aim is to get high grade in final result that's it.  For that they invested lot more time for doing practice.

     Staff's are getting more confidence by seeing this from the student's side, they are seeing lot of improvement's from the students and also willing to give more efforts to students for satisfies their needs.  By the past 5 days lot of races happening for each students which means that they consider everyone as their competitor so they put more hard work to defeat each one's scores.  Apart from this race every body treats others as their closed one. Having lot more fun when they are met together at the out side of the door before starting their test timing. Most of the persons are school students so they always have fun with them doing some kidding and etc., By the way nearly one week is going to end so we only have maximum 2 weeks to face our final exam, let we meet in the next post. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Students Putting more potential for final exam in Vasudevan institute

Latest Exam News:

vasudevan typewriting institute

     Finally the awaited moments from the every students in the institute are coming closer and the moment is the final exam, which has been scheduled to conduct on February 25,26. We hope that this should be Okay for everyone in the institute. Every students are focusing their final result should be more high because they have spent lot more in the past six to seven months. They have spent more time, more money, more energy. So their aim is to get the most valuable score in the final exam. Most of the students are from schools, colleges, and even from workers also, because they are focusing a better carrier in their life like better job in life. Let we see how the practical test is going on, according to this area the practical test is carried out from February 6 2016. 

     Let the students are focusing on concentration in getting good marks in the exam, and the practical test is taken on two times per day, and the scheduled times are morning one batch and evening one batch. The test is mainly focused on Paragraph Speed, because the students should complete this Paragraph Speed in the time limit of 10 minutes and the mark applied for this is 100 so the students and the teachers are putting more hard work to get this mark. The institute gives more supporting freedom to their students like whenever the students want to do a practice the institute doors are open at all time. Whatever the doubts are their in the students mind the teachers are very glad to solve those doubts at the immediate time. Staff's also puts lot of efforts to make their students to get high marks in exams, they spend nearly 5 to 6 hours per day to cope up with their students. The only thing on everyone's mind is to get very good grades in the final exam results.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Pracatical Test in Vasudevan Institute

News during January     

     Information from the Authorities from vasudevan institute, they had called that the practical test will be conducted from February first week itself.  So the candidate should be practised more itself from the regular classes.  From the test day started, then the test will be only for second paper speed, they will  not conduct daily tests for letter and statement.  Daily test will be conducted only for speed paragraph. So the exam candidate should be utilize their own time when they are present at institute. Letter and Statement test will be conducted on week end only.  So We request the candidate that they should concentrate on their exam and should only focus on their exam will make them to get higher grades on their exam result. Thanks and best regards from the Management of Vasudevan Institute for Commerce.